About us

Gradient is an independent type foundry and design practice with main focus on the production of high quality typefaces and type systems. In Gradient, we strongly believe that the deconstruction of traditional approach in typography combined with various type experiments, can re-imagine the future of contemporary typography. Gradient is run by Milos Mitrovic, and is based in the wonderful city of Bergen, Norway.


Over the years, Gradient has had the privilege of collaborating with a diverse array of businesses, organisations, and individuals across industries, each leaving an indelible mark on our creative landscape. Our list of clients spans from global corporations to world’s most renowned design agencies. We worked with Coca-Cola Company, NIO, Dailymotion, The Verge, Envato, Koto Studio, DesignStudio, Moving Brands, Wieden+Kennedy, Careem, Qonto, just to name a few.


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