About us

Driven with a passion for pushing the boundaries of typography, Gradient is focused on delivering retail and custom typefaces that leave a lasting impression with their distinctiveness and originality. This approach can resonate with designers looking for fonts that go beyond conventional standards and offer a more personalised and artistic touch.

Desktop, Web and App Licenses are currently available on our website. For all other license models that are not listed for direct purchase, please get in touch.

Desktop license

Desktop license is the equivalent of a print license model but is not limited to a print use only, it can be used for e.g. branding, social media, books, brochures etc. Desktop license’s broad use can wrap up basically any conventional use of the font except for the webfont embedding, software development, broadcasting. Desktop license is charged per number of computers which fonts are installed on. File format included is OTF.

Web license

Web license is the type of license that allows users to embed fonts on their website. The pricing is calculated and based on web traffic of the website where fonts are installed. Once the page views exceed the licence plan, the purchase must be upgraded per new web traffic parameters. File formats included are WOFF and WOFF2.

App license

App license is a type of license that allows users to embed fonts in a software e.g. mobile app, desktop app etc. The pricing is calculated per number of app downloads or equivalent number of app subscribers. Once the number of downloads/subscriptions exceed the licence plan, the purchase must be upgraded per new download/subscription parameters. File formats included are OTF, WOFF and WOFF2.

Other licenses

For other types of licenses such as broadcasting, corporate or embedding (E-book, pdf), please get in touch.

We enjoy making custom fonts as much as we like immersing ourselves in making commercial ones, meaning that we can either create the custom font entirely from scratch or do modification to any of our retail fonts. You name it, we frame it! For custom font inquiries, please get in touch.

For any of our commercially available typefaces we offer a variable version too. Variable fonts are available upon request. To be eligible for the variable font license you should obtain a font family license as a minimum requirement. If you are not familiar with variable fonts, we recommend you to get to know about the basics before having them installed on your computer.

Font commissions from other type designers

We do accept font commissions from other type designers. Bear in mind that we tend to keep very limited number of typefaces in our library, and hyper-production is really not our thing. Commissioned fonts should match our aesthetic principles, personality and humor. Once the fonts are submitted, we will do a review and provide the most meaningful feedback for submitted work.

Other types of collaboration

We gladly support fresh ideas and emerging talented artists, regardless of medium, technique or approach. It can be 3D, video, print, coding, type experiment… literally any visual communication area. If you have a project in mind and think that our expertise can boost your creativity, do not hesitate to give us a shout.

Still curious? Drop us an email on