Okay! Serif

About this font

Okay Serif is a loud display serif that comes in a single weight with matching italic style. Despite the style singularity it appears to have many different tones. It’s personality bursts with strong attitude, tropical warmth and sweet aftertaste. Okay Serif is fluent in Cyrillic and Greek. Whether you’re a print nostalgic or digital geek, you will definitely be Okay! with it.

Azerbaijani (Cyrillic), Belarusian (Cyrillic), Bosnian (Cyrillic), Bulgarian (Cyrillic), Chechen (Cyrillic), Church Slavic (Cyrillic), Macedonian (Cyrillic), Ossetic (Cyrillic), Russian (Cyrillic), Sakha (Cyrillic), Serbian (Cyrillic), Ukrainian (Cyrillic), Uzbek (Cyrillic), Greek (Greek), Afrikaans (Latin), Aghem (Latin), Akan (Latin), Albanian (Latin), Asturian (Latin), Asu (Latin), Bafia (Latin), Basaa (Latin), Basque (Latin), Bemba (Latin), Bena (Latin), Breton (Latin), Catalan (Latin), Chiga (Latin), Colognian (Latin), Cornish (Latin), Croatian (Latin), Czech (Latin), Danish (Latin), Duala (Latin), Dutch (Latin), Embu (Latin), English (Latin), Esperanto (Latin), Estonian (Latin), Ewe (Latin), Ewondo (Latin), Faroese (Latin), Filipino (Latin), Finnish (Latin), French (Latin), Friulian (Latin), Fulah (Latin), Galician (Latin), Ganda (Latin), German (Latin), Gusii (Latin), Hawaiian (Latin), Hungarian (Latin), Icelandic (Latin), Igbo (Latin), Inari Sami (Latin), Indonesian (Latin), Irish (Latin), Italian (Latin), Jola-Fonyi (Latin), Kabuverdianu (Latin), Kabyle (Latin), Kako (Latin), Kalaallisut (Latin), Kalenjin (Latin), Kamba (Latin), Kikuyu (Latin), Kinyarwanda (Latin), Koyraboro Senni (Latin), Koyra Chiini (Latin), Kwasio (Latin), Lakota (Latin), Langi (Latin), Latvian (Latin), Lingala (Latin), Lithuanian (Latin), Lower Sorbian (Latin), Luba-Katanga (Latin), Luo (Latin), Luxembourgish (Latin), Luyia (Latin), Machame (Latin), Makhuwa-Meetto (Latin), Makonde (Latin), Malagasy (Latin), Maltese (Latin), Manx (Latin), Masai (Latin), Meru (Latin), Metaʼ (Latin), Morisyen (Latin), Mundang (Latin), Nama (Latin), Ngiemboon (Latin), Ngomba (Latin), Northern Sami (Latin), North Ndebele (Latin), Norwegian Bokmål (Latin), Norwegian Nynorsk (Latin), Nuer (Latin), Nyankole (Latin), Oromo (Latin), Polish (Latin), Portuguese (Latin), Prussian (Latin), Quechua (Latin), Romanian (Latin), Romansh (Latin), Rombo (Latin), Rundi (Latin), Rwa (Latin), Samburu (Latin), Sango (Latin), Sangu (Latin), Scottish Gaelic (Latin), Sena (Latin), Serbian (Latin), Shambala (Latin), Shona (Latin), Slovak (Latin), Slovenian (Latin), Soga (Latin), Somali (Latin), Spanish (Latin), Swahili (Latin), Swedish (Latin), Swiss German (Latin), Tachelhit (Latin), Taita (Latin), Tasawaq (Latin), Teso (Latin), Tongan (Latin), Turkish (Latin), Upper Sorbian (Latin), Uzbek (Latin), Vai (Latin), Vietnamese (Latin), Volapük (Latin), Vunjo (Latin), Walser (Latin), Welsh (Latin), Western Frisian (Latin), Yangben (Latin), Yoruba (Latin), Zarma (Latin), Zulu (Latin)

Designer: Milos Mitrovic
Release year: 2021
Version: 1.0

Styles: 2 Styles
Glyphs: 621 glyphs
File formats: OTF, WOFF, WOFF2

Font in use

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* Trial fonts have very basic number of characters and limited open type features thus can not replace the full version of the font. Re-distribution of the trial font files is strictly prohibited.



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